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Secrets Of Insurance Sales Mastery


Think of a top 1% producer with me… who do you see in your mind?

Maybe a slick and charming guy with a meticulous haircut…

Or a “Boss-babe” in her power suit…

How about someone 8 coffees deep with a 100-point checklist and a unique sales script for every objection…

These are the people most folks think of when they hear, “sales pro” – but it’s far from reality.  

Excelling in life insurance sales doesn’t mean you’re a smooth-talking natural or follow a rigid checklist. 

You don’t either have the gift or don’t…

And success doesn’t hinge on sticking to a robotic formula while grinding 80 hours a week…. 

After working with over 1000 life insurance agents and advisors and producing hundreds of millions in IUL and Annuity… We’ve discovered that the journey to becoming a top-producing life insurance agent/advisor is far more nuanced and dynamic.

Think of a Michelin star chef. They don’t become successful by merely following recipes – they need to understand ingredients, techniques, and the subtle art of balancing flavors.

Similarly, in life insurance and annuity sales, success comes from understanding your clients, building genuine relationships, and learning how to think about and adapt your selling process rather than blindly following scripts or formulas.

When you partner with Jucebox, you not only get high-intent, exclusive leads delivered directly to your calendar… you also get access to scientifically proven and results-backed sales training, strategies and coaching from top 1% producers.

In the following sections, we’ll break down how we approach selling life insurance, why it’s worked so well for our 1000+ clients who’ve generated $39 Million in tracked commissions and how you can use these insurance sales mastery secrets to close more business.

Let’s start by addressing the common approach that causes most insurance agents to fail:

The Sales Professional Creed

Our top 1% life agents approach sales differently – they don’t try to manipulate, hard-sell or even convince their prospects to buy…

They follow what we call the “Sales Professionals Creed”. Here’s what that is:

“People don’t buy things that make sense. People buy solutions to real problems that they’re fully aware of and have an intense desire to solve.”

This simple shift in approach makes sales easier and more difficult… depending on who you ask.

For the agent trying to sell P&C, Mortgage protection, final expense or Medicare – this means they would have to spend more time getting to know the prospect, digging into their problems, crunching numbers and building a compelling case for why they should buy…

That’s not an easy ask for someone selling a product that 99% of people purchase based on who offers the lowest price…

But for life agents who want to step into the advanced markets and earn bigger commissions selling IUL and Annuity as Retirement Income Professionals… the Sales Professionals Creed just makes sense!

Because when you’re selling in these markets, your prospects aren’t shopping or buying based on price… they’re going to work with and purchase from the agent who knows their needs and can do the best job of getting them more income when they retire…

That’s what our proprietary sales training (as laid out in the sections below) helps you achieve!

Sales = The Transference Of Belief 

Your role as a life insurance agent or advisor is to become your prospect’s trusted guide. They would love nothing else than to let you take the lead and tell them exactly what they should do…

Unfortunately, though, this normally doesn’t happen. Why? Because prospects don’t trust most salespeople.

More often than not, they’ll assume you want to sell them the product that will put the most amount of zeros on your commission check.

So how do you overcome this problem? And how do you position yourself as the advisor they can trust?

Become the biggest believer in the product you’re selling!

Check this story out…

There once was a company that sold highly technical equipment. Management decided they could make more sales if they trained their sales force on every nook and cranny of the system.

The logic was – if our people can answer every question and explain every feature in detail – the customer will be thrilled about buying…

So they began sending technical advisors out with the closers. One particular advisor was partnered with the company’s top producer, let’s call him Fred…

To the advisor’s amazement… Fred knew almost nothing about the technicalities of the product. Even more amazing though, he wasn’t interested in learning about them!

So how did Fred outsell every other closer in the company?

He became the biggest believer in the product. He used it in his own home, relied on the company’s tech support and lived with it day in and day out.

So, when a customer asked Fred, “How does it work?” he didn’t give them an ear full of data and explanations…

Instead, he responded with, “It works really well!”

You see, he didn’t need to memorize the entire manual to sell products and you don’t have to learn policies inside and out to sell more life insurance…

Sure, you have to know what you’re talking about… but conviction is king.

(And by the way – Jucebox clients get access to our proprietary, plug-and-play Forecaster Tool that builds bullet-proof conviction inyour product and shows prospects the exact gap between their desired retirement goals and where their current retirement plan is failing them…Without having to be a product expert or experienced.)

But what if you don’t have our Forecaster Tool to accelerate your level of belief?

In that case – it’s up to you to develop these two realms:

  1. Competence in your product
  2. Belief in who the product is for


This could take time and to do it right, will require you to spend some time using or experiencing the product you’re selling. But one thing is certain, it will be 100% worth the investment and your bank account will thank you.

Now, admittedly, this is a broad sales principle that can help you sell more in any niche or market… but what does it take to succeed in becoming a top-producing retirement Income Professional selling IUL and Annuity?

Cold Lead Handling

Cold Lead Handling

Mastering the sales process from cold lead to closed deal


One of the major Jucebox selling points is that we offer to build out done-for-you marketing campaigns that pluck high-intent leads out of your exclusive market, warm them up through nurture campaigns, get them to book directly onto your calendar and then supply you with everything needed to close that lead on the phone.

Once we determined that we would provide this service for our clients, we knew it was our responsibility to provide in-depth coaching on HOW to handle a flood of leads once the marketing faucet was turned on.

FACT: Companies waste 71% of leads

Did you know that most companies waste 71% of their internet leads? Whether that’s because they were too slow following up, gave up too early or never even followed up in the first place… they are leaving money on the table!

We ensure that doesn’t happen…

First, we train our agents in the P.E.R process – Presence, Engagement, Rapport.

This process equips you to lock your leads in and take them across the finish line in record time…

And best of all, it’s not all up to you! With our InsureMore CRM, we automate 90% of the process through calling strategies, text messaging, voicemails, email sequences and scripts.

Principles Of Sales Mastery

Principles Of Sales Mastery

Hook, Line & Sinker

At Jucebox, everything we do for our clients is designed to help you attract high-intent leads who need your help solving for more income when they retire.

Our done-for-you marketing, InsureMor CRM, Forecaster Tool and scripts handle most of the work for you… but at some point you will be getting on the phone and speaking with a real person who needs you to genuinely help them.

This is where our Principles Of Sales Mastery comes in. Based on over $700 Million in Annuity & IUL production and coaching over 1000 life agents – we’ve developed the industry’s most robust and results-driven sales process, coaching and training platform.

The moment you log into your account, you’ll be set up to dominate with our trainings on Agreement Frames, Rubber Band Selling, Time Partitioning, Two Motivators, the “So What Test” and so much more.

These are NOT generic sales trainings – these are timeless and proven IUL and Annuity sales strategies based on real-life data, experience and results.

However, our Principles Of Sales Mastery are just the beginning…

Dynamic Objection Handling

Dynamic Objection Handling

Build Trust Through Resistance

The reality is that no matter how much you warm a cold lead up… they will never trust you the same way a friend or family member might…And that’s OK!

Cold leads will have a level of resistance but you can use that to your advantage to build deeper trust, open their mind up to new possibilities and make them even more determined to buy your product.

We teach our clients how to do this through the 3 A’s:

Acknowledge – Acknowledge their concerns are real and have merit

Align – Join them on their side of the table

Assure – Overcome their concerns with proof and examples

By leveraging the 3 A’s, you’ll have the opportunity to cement yourself into your prospect’s mind as the Retirement Income Professional who genuinely cares for their best interests and future.

Take Your Sales Mastery To the Next Level With:

Take Your Sales Mastery To the Next Level With:

Get Exclusive Leads Added Directly To Your Calendar

Our Principles Of Sales Mastery turns any agent into an elite closer… 

It can certainly do the same for you – but why not also take advantage of proven scripts that just plain work?

Our Cross Market Script, Warm Market Script, Power Intro Script and $39 Million Sales Scripts will empower you with the frameworks and templates we and our clients have honed and refined after speaking with thousands of prospects and selling hundreds of millions in production.

Top Producer Call Recordings

Success leaves clues and with these call recordings from top-producing agents – you’ll have a gold mine of clues to pull from!

From the intro, building rapport, positioning products, objection handling, and closing…

You’ll get to hear in real-time how the experts close more business in every scenario you could imagine.

You’re going to love hearing how they relate to various personalities, deal with complex situations and get real with their prospects.

World-Class Sales Coaching

Imagine getting on a call with a life insurance prospect and having a top 1% producer sitting next to you telling you exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it so you can effortlessly move that prospect into a buying position…

Would that help you close more business? Of course, it would! That’s why, just like with every other aspect of our program, we’ve designed our sales coaching calls to be the most valuable time you could