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How To Add $4 Million Per Year+ in Production By Using Our Annuity Attraction Brands™

Every life agent and advisor who wants to sell more annuity virtually needs an online presence.

If you’re targeting clients in the digital world, it’s logical that you’d also need to have a presence in the virtual world, right?

But building that presence in a meaningful and compelling manner is the hard part. 

You’ve probably thought, “Where do I try to build that brand? Facebook? Instagram? TikTok? Threads? LinkedIn? Website?” 

“Should I spend all my time creating content?”


“Maybe I need to build out a complex webinar funnel.”

And “How do I balance the need to create content and create my own brand with the need to spend my time selling and putting prospects into products so that I can put food on the table?”

At Jucebox, we have already built the brands and taken away the guesswork.

All you do is license that brand (we’ll get into that later).

And there are 2 things that the top 1% of producers know that the other 99% don’t know.

  1. Every top 1% producer knows that they need a constant and steady stream of new prospects coming in the door. It’s the lifeblood of your business and finding the right partner is crucial.
  2. Every top 1% producer (without an exception) has a sales process that is repeatable and consistent


So that’s exactly what we’ll cover: how to attract a consistent flow of qualified annuity prospects and how to convert them into closed business month after month after month…

You Want To Scale But Not Sure How

You Want To Scale But Not Sure How

Let Me Tell You What Scaling Is Not About:

  • Buying more annuity leads
  • Replacing yourself with AI
  • Running seminars for annuity leads
  • Radio ads for annuity leads
  • Cold – Calling for annuity leads
  • Networking for annuity leads

Most agents are suffering from the low production that comes with making this mistake.

Take Scott


He was making this mistake. He was writing six figures in Target Life and no annuity premium but wanted to stop being just a life agent and wanted his clients to treat him like a retirement income professional. He’s been working with us for over two years and did $7.8 Million last year.

Or Merry


She made this mistake while primarily selling Medicare & Mortgage Protection Insurance. Last month, she issued $750,010 in annuity premiums. 

Or Seth


He solved this mistake, and by his 2nd year in this business, after a prior career selling high-end tea to coffee shops, he issued $3.8 Million in annuity premiums.

Or Mark


He was still making this mistake after being in this industry for 20+ years and was struggling to break through. He has written beyond $3 million in annuity premiums and is now selling entirely virtually.

So, Who Are We?

So, Who Are We?

We’ve helped coach more than 1000+ agents and advisors and implement a proven system called Annuity Attraction Brands™ that helps agents just like you add $4 Million + in annual production.

Here’s why we have such a reputation for delivering results. We don’t teach from theory. We are licensed producers. We’ve issued hundreds of millions in business.

More importantly, we have taught others to do what we’ve done.

We own an insurance firm specializing in retirement income planning using insurance products like IUL and annuities. We’ve built a successful and repeatable set of systems and processes that is effectively a prototype that agents can copy and paste into their business.

We also founded an independent SEC-registered investment advisory (RIA).

A partner in the insurance firm and investment advisory and coach to Jucebox clients has personally issued over $700 million in annuity business in his career and has over $100 million in AUM with our RIA.

We create incredible results for agents and advisors BECAUSE we have done what we teach. We use Annuity Attraction Brands™ to market our business. We are more successful in building the company you are in… which is why we can teach others how to do it.

So what’s the mistake you need to stop making

You’re not using leverage.

Leverage simply means you get more out than what you put in.

More specifically, it’s investing one unit of resources and getting multiple out. An example would be an investment. You invest $1 into marketing and get $3, $5, or $7 out. That’s leverage.

Archimedes said, “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the world.”

With enough leverage, you can do anything.


You need to apply leverage against the result that you want. 

So, where do we apply leverage to drive your annuity production?

Most agents need more leverage in their back office.

In reality, most agents stuck not hitting their production targets ARE NOT getting leverage from their back-office relationships.

Your Back office is your IMO / FMO / Agency, and they should be creating leverage for you.

This leverage should be driving you to reach your goals.

PLAIN AND SIMPLE: If you are not reaching your goals, you have a leverage issue with your back-office relationship.

You need five types of leverage from your back office to reach your production goals.

Product leverage
  • Access to the best-in-class products that are so good at delivering more for your clients that they help you win business.
  • Is your IMO / FMO / Agency specialized and focused on building the type of business you want, or are annuities an afterthought because they are focused on other products, final expenses, medicare, or traditional life?
Skill Leverage
  • Getting the training you need to understand those products and how to implement a proven, proprietary, and systematic way of selling your products.
  • Leads don’t convert themselves (especially cold leads generated online), so you need the skill to close consistently and the tools to do it repeatedly.
  • The proper skill leverage creates the objectionable close.
Time Leverage
  • Having a reliable virtual sales system allows you to sell to anyone anywhere.
  • Having support so you can focus on the three things only you can do as a sales professional. 
    • Develop rapport & trust
    • Develop solutions to your client’s retirement planning problems
    • Closing the deal
  • Your back office should support you on everything else, that is, before, between, and after those three focus areas.
Brand Leverage
  • If you’re selling virtually to leverage time, you need a professional brand to build trust with your prospects.
  • A solid online presence is essential… It can be challenging to sell virtually when a client can’t find you online.
  • Professional process and sales materials… agents who write more premium are considered experts. You won’t earn the premiums you seek without a professional process demonstrating expertise and value.


Last but not least…

Marketing Leverage
  • Implementing a proven ROI-driven marketing campaign to help you scale up your sales with exclusive and educated prospects
  • This is last on the list because most people think it’s all they need even though they aren’t getting it from their back office either… 
    • Marketing leverage isn’t playing the middleman between you and the lead vendors like most IMO / FMO / Agencies do. 
  • The ultimate leverage comes from end-to-end integration between advertising and the sales process, product case design, and case management through to issued paid.
    • When you know the product outcome, you can create even more magnetic advertising and persuasive sales presentations.
    • Without this integration, you present “okay products” to disinterested people.
  • The best marketing strategy in 2024 is deeply leveraging AI, but more on that in a little bit.
Are you getting the most leverage in these 5 Areas?

Where are you weakest?

More importantly, are you writing the premium your goals demand?

Take a moment to rate your leverage in these five areas.

Chances are if you’re like most agents… You’re stuck in the monkey trap.

What is the monkey trap?

The monkey walks up to the tree, sees the gourd, and sees a banana inside—his favorite fruit, food that will sustain him.


He reaches inside and grabs the banana tightly clenched onto it, but now he’s stuck. Holding the banana, his hand turns into a fist, and he can’t pull it out of the gourd. He isn’t physically trapped but trapped by an idea.

We’re so rigidly attached to a particular notion of progress that we can’t let go when it turns against us.

Holding on to something inside your current back office relationship…

The Myth of Highest Comp = Highest Commission He reaches inside and grabs the banana tightly clenched onto it, but now he’s stuck. Holding the banana, his hand turns into a fist, and he can’t pull it out of the gourd. He isn’t physically trapped but trapped by an idea.

We’re so rigidly attached to a particular notion of progress that we can’t let go when it turns against us. 

Holding on to something inside your current back office relationship…

The Myth of Highest Comp = Highest Commission

Sunk cost fallacy 

The sunk cost fallacy is our tendency to continue with an endeavor into which we’ve invested money, effort, or time—even if the current costs outweigh the benefits.

It’s the definition of insanity.


You can’t solve the problem with the same approach and thinking it created.

So what’s the solution to letting go of what no longer serves you so you can find new leverage and start writing $5-10 Million per year+ in Annuity Premium?

2 Options

Option 1
You can continue being stuck in the monkey trap, suffering the high cost of figuring it out on your own and paying the high price of building your own experience with no guarantees that you’ll ever figure it out.

If you could do it with the relationships you have, you’d be doing it with the relationships you have.


Option 2:

You license our Annuity Attraction Brands™ to gain the leverage you need to add $4 Million per year or more in production to your annuity business and join our mission to become a top 1% producer by consistently producing over $10 Million yearly. 

If you’re saying, “I need to change and want more leverage using Annuity Attraction Brands™ so I can be a top 1% producer…”

Then click the button below to schedule a meeting with the team.

License our Annuity Attraction Brands™… so you can have a proven system to add the leverage you need to increase your annuity production dramatically.

A proprietary, proven, and virtual sales system that drives profitability

A proprietary, proven, and virtual sales system that drives profitability

Having this taken care of is why agents can consistently close more annuities completely virtual.

You can gain instant trust with your prospects through licensing our professional online presence & Brands.

A professional process that demonstrates expertise, delivers value, and gives you credibility, causing you to consistently win business because the clients can transparently and mathematically see how your solution solves their problem and puts them in a better financial position.


This process is backed by scientific research to consistently close more by seamlessly combining visuals, storytelling, and data. It is also built to operate in a completely virtual sales process on Zoom from wherever you have a good internet connection. 


AI- driven advertising

AI- driven advertising​

AI is an incredible tool. But it isn’t a magic trick.

Like any tool, it’s only as good as the user. Having a hammer, nails, and some timber doesn’t mean you can build a treehouse. You must be a skilled builder with those tools to turn a blueprint or plan into the desired result.


AI is no different.

Most agents & advisors fail to drive leverage and profits from AI because they aren’t skilled in using it and, quite frankly, have been sold on it replacing them rather than driving the ultimate result of production.

FUN FACT: Those last three images are not actual photos and were entirely generated by AI

To be a top 1% producer, you must get good at three things:

  1. Developing trust & Rapport 
  2. Developing Solutions
  3. And Closing 


AI doesn’t solve for any of those unless you plan to be replaced by robots.

  • If that were true and possible, that means you aren’t necessary 
  • This reality is a long way off where AI replaces the necessity of having a skilled annuity producer to write business

After all, annuities aren’t bought; they are sold. And YOU, NOT AI, will sell more of them by licensing our proven system.

Here’s what our agents and advisors do instead: they partner with a skilled team who can leverage AI in their advertising. 

  • AI Audience Targeting
  • AI Paid Ad creation, testing, & optimization
  • AI developed and tested landing pages and lead conversion messaging
  • All connected to your licensed Annuity Attraction Brands™
  • This drives one ultimate result. Profitably turning cold leads to closed clients.

Accountability, Mentorship, and Support 

End-to-end integration…

This is the true secret to the success of our agents & advisors.

When we design the advertising campaign with the end in mind, it changes everything.

It allows us to create a purpose-built brand to attract prospects with problems that can be explicitly solved by best-in-class fixed index annuities.

Using AI, we can create better ads… develop better ad creative (images), develop better landing pages, and create long-form lead qualification questions.

We can make these the most resonant paid advertising funnel in the marketplace.

The ultimate result is higher conversion rates and higher profitably for you.

You are likely still stuck because you need more complete leverage from a deep end-to-end connection across the entire flow of generating new business.

Audience → Ad → Qualification → Case Design → Product → Presentation → Application → Case Management → Suitability Approved → Issued Paid → Commission Paid

Exclusive products

  • Less than 2% of qualified financial professionals (Licensed) have access to these products.
  • They prioritize one thing: index performance. That means your clients win more, which means you are dramatically more valuable to the marketplace, which means you close more business. 
  • You can also sleep at night because your products will meet the expectations you set for the client during the sales process.
  • No Fee Solutions… clients shouldn’t pay a fee unless it buys them a benefit that they desire and need
  • A complete suite of solutions to solve all the key problems that annuities are qualified to solve

Case Design

Imagine having a great first call with a new prospect, setting the next appointment, and then thinking, “I don’t know what to do next.” Instead of just winging and relying on hope alone, you could virtually step into a multi-million dollar office and say… “Got a Minute”

Not just wholesalers or marketers but actual million-dollar producers.

Mastermind Community

Now, while there’s incredible training on all of our playbooks for closing more annuity business, how do you make sure you’re covered for all the new challenges that come up every day, such as new prospects, product changes, market conditions, continuing education requirements, and legislation updates?

You do that in our Mastermind Community where you’ll be surrounded by other top 1% producers and ask your questions, build relationships, and stay up to date.

The community offers you;
  • Product Discovery
  • Case Breakdown
  • Case Studies
  • Best Practices
  • Market Updates
  • Inspiration
  • Access to other high-producing agents

Case Management

Full support through all five parts to the close:

  1. Application Reviews To Drive Suitability 
  2. Suitability Approved 
  3. Funds Received
  4. Issue Paid
  5. Commission Paid

What is the fastest and most efficient way to close your first $1 Million Annuity Case?

Imagine getting on the phone with an exclusive lead and discovering they have millions in assets. 

After some quick back-of-the-napkin math, you realize that the right solution may be a $1 Million + annuity. You’ve never encountered a case so large. 

Or, at the very least, you’ve never been able to close one. Instead of going alone, you can bring in a $700 million annuity producer to close that business. And you sit in the co-pilot seat while you watch a professional land the plain (aka close the deal) 

Would it help you write more premium and more significant cases?

You can have a $72 million per year annuity producer and Certified Financial Planner sitting next to you on Zoom to help you earn your prospect’s trust, close the business, and get the application.

Marcus closed his first Million Dollar Annuity By Co-Selling with a multi-million dollar producer. The total case size for this one client was $1.5 Million.

What if you could watch and study every call with screen sharing like professional athletes study game tapes to win more?

Well, that’s what we call our agent vault call libraries.

When Seth started, he sold his first $750k case from co-selling.

He’s become the model of virtual selling success for many agents licensing this system. Many of the calls agent’s studies, like game tape, are from Seth’s closed deals.

Now, as a multi-million dollar producer just two years into using Annuity Attraction Brands™, he helps other agents like Dion close cases via Co-Selling.

Dion closed his first $300k Case via Co-Selling

He built his success living in Las Vegas, selling completely virtual to his Texas-based Annuity Attraction Brands™.

So who is this for?

So who is this for?​

Let’s start with who Annuity Attraction Brands™ is not suitable for
  • Being an Annuity Producer / Financial Advisor isn’t your full-time career
  • You only want to buy leads
  • You want to stay stuck in the monkey trap, holding on to a back-office relationship that isn’t producing the leverage you need to hit your production and income goals.
  • You aren’t ready or willing to invest in a system and relationship to reach your goals.
  • You are affiliated with a broker-dealer
    • Insurance standards, not FINRA, drive our compliance efforts.
  • You have never sold an annuity before 
    • If this is you and you want to fix it, then you should explore our Agent Shift™ program. Keep watching, and I will tell you how to schedule a call with an advisor on our team to learn more about how we can help you earn your first $24k selling IUL & Annuity.
You are an excellent fit to license Annuity Attraction Brands™ if…
  1. You have issued at least $1 Million in Annuity premiums in the last 12 months.
  2. You earn six figures + in your insurance and/or advisory practice.
  3. You have access to resources to invest in growing your production and reaching your income goals (cash flow, savings, credit, etc.)
  4. You are willing and open to discussing why your current IMO/FMO/agency is holding you back and how that relationship may need to change to reach your production goals.

Suppose you can say yes to all four items above. In that case, schedule a call with an Advisor on our team about licensing our Annuity Attraction Brands™ so you can add $4 Million/year or more in annuity production.

Now, suppose you don’t meet the first two qualifications above
  1. You’re not above $1 Million per year + in production mark
  2. And/or You’re not currently making six figures

But you do have resources to invest and want our help in skilling up to close more annuities. In that case, you can still schedule a call, and we can discuss our Agent Shift™ program since you aren’t ready for Annuity Attraction Brands™.

While booking your call, you’ll fill out a few questions that will allow us to understand where you are in your business, your resources, and your goals so we can come to our call prepared to show you the next steps for implementing our proven system. 

After you book your call, we’ll send you a link to over 100 videos of case studies, client wins, and video testimonials proving that Annuity Attraction Brands™ works.

So, if you’re tired of being stuck and not hitting the annuity production you want, that your goals demand, and that you know you’re capable of, click the button below to speak with the team.

We limit the number of protected territories available to maintain the competitive advantage agents and advisors expect from licensing this system, so don’t wait.