We Help Life & Annuity Agents Earn More Commissions GUARANTEED.

Learn how you can use Agent Shift™ to earn more by writing 2-4x larger IUL & Annuity cases regardless of your lead source.

Proven System to Help You Close More

For Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL)

How to have 3 IUL policies closed in just 2 weeks worth $30,000 in commissions with 2 more pending and new exclusive prospects filling your pipeline almost daily.
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For Cash Value Whole Life Insurance

How to book 5 committed appointments from 13 leads in the first 3 days of your campaign and generate over $25,000 in commissions in 3 months.
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For Annuity

How to generate $36,000 in commissions from a single Annuity case with another 7 appointments booked in less than 3 weeks from starting
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A Different Approach

We go beyond lead generation by creating exclusive demand with a custom-fit system that automatically nurtures and qualifies prospects creating leverage on the outcome you care about most. More sales, more revenue, more profit.

Preemptive Advantage
Your New Profitable Paid Marketing System

A strategic approach to digital advertising that generates exclusive conversations with your future clients and positions you as their trusted advisor so they actually want to talk to you and only you.


Use cutting edge advertising systems and artificial intelligence to target your perfect client profile to get more of the leads you want.

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A low friction path for the prospect to engage with you, qualify themselves to work with you, while collecting deep client insights (6+) rather than just your typical name and phone number.

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Create compelling advertisements that positions you as a trusted advisor with a new opportunity that your perfect client desires and wants to take action on.

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Drive advertising ROI by automating as much of the follow-up process as possible so by the time you’re engaging with a lead they are already in conversation with you to set the appointment.
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Results with Agent Shift

Our clients commonly achieve advertising ROI of over 400% on a monthly basis and are finding the quality of the leads to be far superior to other lead generation attempts without the high cost and frustration of spray and pray, commodity marketing tactics.

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Irwin C.

Life Insurance Agent

"The best IUL lead program I've seen in 44 years as an agent."

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Brooke H.

Life Insurance Agent

"This IUL Lead System Blew Me Away."

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Jevon R.

Life Insurance Agent

"The Most Responsive IUL Leads."

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Jeff S.

Life Insurance Agent

"Impressive Binge-Worthy IUL Sales Training."

We exist to deliver the best results and ROI agents and advisors have ever experienced.